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Ask any hippie or smuggler from 1950 onwards – tales of Lebanese hashish are legendary. Today, ISIS is providing the latest twist along the Silk Road…

As the saying goes, “A breeze in Syria becomes a storm in Lebanon”.

Lebanon’s pot growers have found themselves on the frontline in their country’s defense against an ISIS surge over their eastern border.

Farmers say they are armed and ready to fight off any ISIS encroachment into the Bekaa Valley.

Already in Syria, near Aleppo, ISIS gangs have been torching cannabis fields, labeling the plant as haram, or ‘forbidden’ in their version of Islam. ISIS militants in northern Syria posted their anti-drug exploits on YouTube in late August.

Watch their propaganda video below:

(If only ISIS stood downwind and could inhale some of the smoke – they might adopt a mellower approach to jihad):

The cannabis…

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Mexico’s Drug War Matters

Publié: 18 décembre 2014 par Marc Fievet dans Narcotrafic INFOS

An Amsterdam shopping trip

Publié: 18 décembre 2014 par Marc Fievet dans Narcotrafic INFOS

Photo by Celine Cornelis

As I walk along the canal bank, bathed in the neon glow of the Red Light District’s window brothels, I am overcome with a profound realization that I might quite soon get a knife in the kidney. I’m walking as I negotiate with a fairly affable cocaine dealer, but he warns me that his associate might not take kindly to my refusal to purchase his product after already taking a free sample. The realization kicks in when the associate in question, a hook-nosed and powerfully built shady fucker of the highest order emerges from behind, looms over my shoulder and tells me “This is bullshit. There are no free samples. You buy the fucking gram.”

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