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Woman tries to smuggle cocaine in hair extensions

Publié: 19 janvier 2015 par Marc Fievet dans Narcotrafic INFOS

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Accused arrived in Madrid from Sao Paolo, Brazil
A Portuguese mom tried to smuggle $80,000 worth of cocaine into Spain by hiding it in her hair extensions and wig, police said.

Cops stopped the woman when she arrived at Madrid’s Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport on a flight from Sao Paulo in Brazil last week, reports ABC.

They singled her out for a search due to her suspicious behavior.

And officers then allegedly found nine packets of the illegal narcotic interwoven with her wig and her hair.

Some 1.9-pounds of cocaine was discovered, according to a National Police press statement.

The woman, who is thought to have been using her three-year-old daughter as a decoy, had to have the drugs hacked out of her hair.

« Drug traffickers are using all sorts of imaginative measures and objects to disguise drugs, » a police spokesman told ABC.

« Among the most unlikely are cans…

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