DEADrug Enforcement Administration agents arrested 10 people during raids Monday morning in connection with marijuana trafficking rings in El Paso, Lubbock and the Roswell area, officials said.

A ring allegedly led by Rodolfo Lopez, 31, is accused of transporting marijuana from El Paso to Lubbock and Roswell, DEA officials said.

Lopez, who has not been arrested and is considered a fugitive, was among 12 people indicted on federal drug and money laundering charges following a multi-agency investigation that began in October, DEA officials said.

DEA officials said that the investigation into the ring allegedly lead by Lopez then expanded into two smaller drug rings that allegedly transported marijuana to Lubbock through Chaves and Eddy counties in southeastern New Mexico.

Documents show that five people were arrested in El Paso. They are:

Mayra Elizabeth Martinez-Giron, 24, Christian Hugo Contreras, 32, Claudia Berenice Hernandez, 33, Omar Ortiz, 44, and Antonio Arreola-Herrera, 31.

In Roswell, authorities arrested Hugo Alejandro Lopez-Tellez, 27, Douglas K. Mayes, 52, and Arthur Luna, 46.

Officials arrested Andrew Ocanas Garza, 37, in Lubbock and Jesus Noe Lopez-Tellez, 34, was arrested in nearby Wolfforth, Texas.

DEA agents are still looking for Emmanuel Lopez-Tellez, 31, a Mexican citizen who lives in Juárez, in connection with the case.

By Daniel Borunda




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