Stephon James Watson convicted for cocaine trafficking freed by PPP for Guyana elections

Publié: 21 mai 2015 par Marc Fievet dans Cocaïne, Justice, Narcotrafic INFOS

propaganda press!

stephon james watson Stephon James Watson, convicted drug mule walking free in Guyana

please put this info up but DO NOT USE MY NAME
I hear a conversation with a man talking about voting in the elections. his name is stephon James Watson and he is a convicted drug mule. If you aread the ppapers you can see his name an everything
he drive a white car pSS 5477 and got some connection to the PPP and bin fetchin cocainee in he belly to de islands long now
How a man can convicted to four years only two months ago already back on the road? this man is dangerous and dey got plenth like he all over guyana that the ppp let out

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