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Three Lao drug dealers were arrested by Thai police last weekend after 24,000 amphetamine pills were found in their possession.
Those arrested were named as Ms Mork, 37 37, and Mr Tat, 59, of Phai village in Champhon district, Savannakhet province, and Ms Lattanasavanh, 24, of Nongvaeng village, Hadxaifong district, Vientiane.

Mr Tat confessed to police that he had arranged with Mr Xay, 45, of Lattanalangsy village, Kaysone Phomvihane district, Savannakhet province, to transport amphetamines to Thailand in return for a payment of 2 million kip.


Mr Xay provided Mork’s number to Mr Tat so the two could transport the drugs together.

After that, a young man put amphetamines in Mr Tat’s pick-up, but Mr Tat said he didn’t know how many pills were inside the bag.

After receiving the drugs the three travelled to Thailand. Planning to take the drugs to Khon Kaen province, Mork and Lattanasavanh waited at the Mukdahan bus station, while Tat returned to Laos.

Tat returned to Thailand the same day but was arrested by police when he reentered he country.

However, when Vientiane Times contacted the Savannakhet provincial Public Security Headquarters, they said they had not received any information regarding the incident.


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