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Dix-huit kilos de amphétamine, une drogue de synthèse d’une valeur de 2 milliards 574 millions ont été saisis vers Linguère par le Poste de Douane de Diama, a renseigné, ce matin, le commandant Ousseynou Faye, chef de la subdivision régionale des Douanes de Saint-Louis.



La fille du baron Moynihan de Leeds, un lord britannique décédé en 1991, a été tuée aux Philippines où le gouvernement mène une campagne meurtrière contre le trafic de drogue, a annoncé la police lundi.

Maria Aurora Moynihan, 45 ans, a été abattue par des inconnus qui ont abandonné son corps dans une rue de Manille le 10 septembre.



Rodrigo Duterte pede mais seis meses para combater tráfico. Desde que foi eleito, em maio, já morreram mais de 3.000 alegados traficantes e toxicodependentes


The Serbian drug trafficker Zoran Jaksic

 El ciudadano bosnio Zoran Jaksic es acusado de ser el nexo entre narcotraficantes peruanos y el extranjero

Pero para dar el golpe final y capturar a los que faltaban / Video: Cuarto Poder

Con la captura del bosnio Zoran Jaksic, el principal financista de la organización dedicada al narcotráfico de alto vuelo denominado Grupo América, toda la organización en Perú fue capturada por los agentes de inteligencia de la Dirandro.




En un nuevo episodio del caso de los sobrinos del presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, acusados de narcotráfico, trascendió el domingo que momentos antes de ser arrestado Efraín Campo dijo que usaría las ganancias de la venta de drogas para financiar la campaña de su tía Cilia Flores, esposa del mandatario.


Elementos de la Policía Federal aseguraron este fin de semana una camioneta en la cual había resguardado un artefacto muy similar a una bazuca con el cual, supuestamente un grupo de narcotraficantes mandaban mercancía a los Estados Unidos.

Según informan diversos medios, el vehículo se encontró un mecanismo conformado por un compresor de aire, un motor de gasolina, un tanque que almacena aire y un tubo metálico de aproximadamente tres metros de largo mediante el cual, se lanzaba droga a territorio estadounidense.

Además, se observó que la camioneta tenía un agujero en la parte alta, por lo que esta servía para movilizar este artefacto por toda la franja fronteriza del estado.



The new Opium War

Publié: 19 septembre 2016 par Marc Fievet dans DEA (USA), Drogues, Héroïne, Narcotrafic INFOS, Opium

Exclusive: Curtis Ellis explains what China is shipping to U.S. besides goods

UNITED NATIONS – Drug overdoses are sweeping the heartland, claiming lives in small towns and cities across America.

Previous drug epidemics were largely confined to inner city ghettos. But this latest plague is taking its heaviest toll in working-class communities that have been drained of jobs by globalist so-called “free trade” policies.

Washington policymakers talk about an opioid epidemic. But it would be more properly termed the new Opium War.

A little history is in order here.

In the 19th century, China racked up a massive trade surplus with the West. Europeans had an insatiable appetite for China’s silk, porcelain and tea. At the same time, China severely restricted imports of foreign-made goods. (Sound familiar?) The trade imbalance greatly benefited the Middle Kingdom.

Britain drained its gold reserves to finance a persistent and growing trade deficit with China. Try as they may, London’s foreign ministers were unable to pry open the China market through diplomatic means.

Then the British East India Company, the steam-punk version of today’s crony capitalist multinational corporation, came up with a brilliant solution.

It would grow opium in India and sell it in China, payment due in bullion. Most everyone was happy with the set up: Local Chinese officials collected bribes from the British suppliers on one side and collected taxes from local drug peddlers and users on the other side.

The British crown saw another enormous benefit aside from money flowing into the treasury: The narcotics trade was sowing social chaos and sapping China’s strength as well as its treasure.

Beijing understood this well and moved to stop the scourge. In a letter to Queen Victoria, the emperor’s drug czar admitted, “If the traffic in opium were not stopped, a few decades from now we shall not only be without soldiers to resist the enemy, but also in want of silver to provide an army.”

China seized the British opium stockpiled in border warehouses. Then it erected a virtual border wall in the form of a naval blockade against British ships to stop the flow of drugs.

History records the British effort to break the blockade and open China to its imports as the Opium Wars.

So what does this have to do with us now?

Today, China is enjoying a massive trade surplus with the United States. It accumulates this through one-way trade: selling vast quantities of manufactured goods to the U.S. while blocking imports of goods from America.

Thanks to open border policies championed by the Clintons, American firms have abandoned their motherland, set up shop in China and export to America that which they used to make in America. We end up sending China our jobs.

Working-class Americans, stripped of their livelihoods and bereft of hope, are turning to drugs that are also pouring across the open border.

The current drug of choice is fentanyl, a cheap synthetic heroin hundreds of times stronger than the real thing. Between late 2013 and late 2014 alone, there were over 700 overdose deaths related to fentanyl in the United States, and that number is likely to be vastly underestimated.

Where is this drug coming from?

The Drug Enforcement Agency reports the drug ravaging America originates in China. The DEA says, “The current fentanyl crisis is fueled by China-sourced fentanyls.” Even when it is Mexican drug cartels pushing this junk, they are getting it from China.

This is the final, cruel twist of fate.

The people who have been devastated by factories moving to China are now being killed by poison coming from China.

We send them our jobs, they send us drugs.

Call it the New Opium War.

Donald Trump vows we will have a border again. We will stop the free flow of people, goods and wealth that is bleeding our nation of our industrial might, our economic strength and literally killing our people.

We will Make America Great Again.