AUSTRALIA (Sydney): australian cops smash international drug ring, seize 2 tons of narcotics

Publié: 8 août 2017 par Marc Fievet dans Amphétamines, ASIE, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service., AUSTRALIE, Cocaïne, Drogues, NARCOTRAFIC, Pays-Bas
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A suspect in an international drug bust involving the law enforcement agencies of three countries and two tons of drugs seized is escorted in handcuffs by Australian police

Police in Australia say they have « destroyed » two international crime syndicates and seized more than two tons of narcotics « destined for Australian streets. »

Working with their counterparts in Dubai and the Netherlands, Australian Federal Police (AFP) said they had smashed the drug ring with simultaneous arrests early Tuesday morning in Sydney and Dubai.
Ten suspects were taken into custody in Sydney, while police in the United Arab Emirates arrested five Australians, including two living in the city, the statement from the AFP said. Police in the Netherlands arrested two other people.
« A total of 1.8 tonnes (1.98 tons) of MDMA, 136 kilograms (300 lbs) of cocaine and 15 kilograms (33 lbs) of crystal methamphetamine was seized by authorities in the Netherlands before it could reach Australia, » the statement said.
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AFP assistant commissioner Neil Gaughan
Australian police break up Middle East narcotics organisation
DUBAI – Police in Australia, Dubai and the Netherlands have arrested 17 people and seized nearly two tonnes of narcotics in raids the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said on Tuesday had broken up two interlinked Middle Eastern crime syndicates.

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