NARCOTRAFIC: U.S. says Maduro regime is linked to $165million worth of cocaine seized off Spain’s coast

Publié: 2 mai 2020 par Marc Fievet dans Aeronarcotrafic, DEA (USA), NARCOTRAFIC, Narcotrafic INFOS, USA, Venezuela

  • Authorities in Spain confiscated 4.4 tons of cocaine after they were alerted by Colombian authorities after the vessel departed from Panama early April


  • The ship loaded 4,000 kilos of cocaine off Venezuela’s coast before it sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and was intercepted April 25 by Spain’s military


  • The United States confirmed with investigators in Spain that the massive shipment is connected to the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s regime


  • Authorities in Spain arrested 28 people connected to the shipment on the Karar, a vessel sailing under the flag of Togo


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