MOROCCO 🇲🇦 (Tangier’s City port): foils smuggling of over 4 tons of cannabis off Tangier’s coast

Publié: 19 mai 2020 par Marc Fievet dans AFRIQUE, Cannabis - Hachis - Haschich, Maroc, Narcotrafic INFOS, Narcotrafic maritime, Pays producteurs, SERVICES ANTI-DROGUES

Marine Units of the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie (County Police) seized on Monday more than four tons of drugs off tangier’s coasts after chasing down two fishing boats used by the smugglers. Seven involved people were arrested.

According to local press reports, the dealers stole two small fishing boats from Tangier’s City port before sailing to the Rmilat forest near Merkala beach where they loaded 70 bales of cannabis.

After loading the drug, the smugglers set sail for the high seas to hand over the banned substance to other people in a third boat, but they were intercepted by the marine patrolling units of Gendarmerie Royal after a high-speed sea chase.



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