UK 🇬🇧 (EncroChat): Jamie Stevenson arrested after raid at ‘£14m valium factory’ in England where cops seized 28m pills ‘bound for Scotland’

Publié: 7 juillet 2020 par Marc Fievet dans Drogues, NARCOTRAFIC, Narcotrafic INFOS, NCA, UK

A SCOT was arrested as part of a police raid into an alleged street valium factory.

Jamie Stevenson, 54, was held after police discovered 28million pills — worth £14m — during a search of a premises in Rochester, Kent last month.

Five other people were nicked with Stevenson, of Burnside, near Glasgow, as part of the raid.
Police believe the valium tablets were being manufactured in England before transported to Scotland to be sold.

An spokesman for the NCA – the UK’s top FBI-style unit – said: « A joint investigation involving the NCA, Police Scotland and the Metropolitan Police identified the alleged manufacture of illegal drugs, on an industrial scale, from premises operating in the Rochester area of Kent. »

Drugs worth more than £16m seized in a week after cops hacked high-tech EncroChat messages

« The factory was raided by NCA/MPS officers on 12 June and 28m Etizolam tablets, also known as ‘street valium’, worth approximately £14m were recovered. » A total of six people were arrested, significantly disrupting a major cross-border criminal network involved in the manufacture and distribution of Etizolam tablets in Scotland.

« These tablets cause significant public health issues in Scotland and are linked to substantial numbers of deaths every year. »

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