NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱: One-quarter of population notice drug-related issues in own neighbourhood

Publié: 6 septembre 2020 par Marc Fievet dans Drogues, Narcotrafic INFOS, Pays-Bas

In 2019, nearly one-quarter (24.3 percent) of the Dutch population aged 15 years and over reported the incidence of drug use or trafficking in their own neighbourhood. Around 4 percent experienced this as a great nuisance. Particularly residents of frontline team regions in large cities are more likely to suffer from drug-related nuisance. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of the Safety Monitor 2019.

Drug use or trafficking mainly in large cities

At the lowest regional level, the Dutch national police force consists of 167 frontline teams. Between the different frontline team regions, the share of people who encounter drug use or trafficking in their neighbourhood varies greatly, ranging from 14.1 percent in the region of Groningen-Zuid to 78.8 percent in Centrum-Burgwallen, Amsterdam-Noord. The Centrum-Jordaan region also has a relatively high incidence of drug use or dealing, with 59.7 percent of the residents stating they have noticed this. In addition, 40 to 50 percent of the residents in seven other frontline team regions around Amsterdam indicate they have noticed drug-related issues in their neighbourhood. These regions are located in the eastern, western as well as in the southern part of Amsterdam.

Aside from Amsterdam, drug use or trafficking has an above-average prevalence in the The Hague frontline team regions of Jan Hendrikstraat (51.4 percent), De Heemstraat (50 percent) and Hoefkade (52.4 percent). In Rotterdam, a lot of drug use or dealing is reported in the regions Centrum (54.4 percent), Delfshaven (61.8 percent), Rotterdam-Zuid Charlois (49.9 percent) and Feijenoord (49.1 percent). In Utrecht, these regions are Utrecht-Noord (44.6 percent) and Utrecht-Zuid (42.0 percent).

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