SECRET DRUG OPERATIONS : Millions Paid to Exploit Aviation Rules – Cartels (Use) U.S. Airplanes to Transport Narcotics Into America

Newsblaze Global Narcotic Trafficking  Investigation Series By Clarence Walker – Thu September 10, 2020

Deep into the piney shores near East Texas Lake is a rural town called Onalaska. Located in the heartland of Polk County, 90 miles above Houston, Onalaska is situated on a peninsula between the main channel that is attached to one arm of Lake Livingston. A town with only one Sonic drive-in, and more RV parks and marinas than hotels, the population in Onalaska (in 2019) was estimated at or less than 2,967 inhabitants. Although this small East Texas town, once widely known as a farming and logging community, doesn’t have a single airport, there are more airplanes registered with a P.O box in Onalaska – than the number of registered airplanes in big major cities such as Dallas, Seattle, San Antonio, San Diego, or even New York.

What raises suspicion is that not only are the aircrafts’ registered to P.O. Boxes. But the owners of the airplanes don’t live in Onalaska at all! Investigators identified Aircraft Guaranty Corporation Trustee as the Texas-Oklahoma based company that registered over 1000 airplanes to two separate P.O. Boxes in Onalaska.

So what’s happening here, with all these airplanes parked discreetly in hangars that outnumber the citizens residing in this sleepy East Texas town?

An investigation by WFAA TV Station and the Boston Globe including first-hand knowledge by the author of this story(Clarence Walker) who is also a Houston-based private investigator concluded that places like Onalaska, Dallas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nevada, and Delaware are a hotbed of lucrative money-making activities that allows foreign nationals to buy and register airplanes through American corporations, reputable banks,and trust companies, including the use of aircraft title companies that, in turn, and indirectly allows foreigners involved with narcotic and possible terrorist activities to be the real owner of aircrafts’ that is often used for major crimes.

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