UK 🇬🇧 (NCA) : les dernières « Narconews’ au 18 décembre 2021

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Two charged after PCTF seize gun, drugs and cash in Co Antrim

Two men have been charged after a gun, drugs and cash were seized as part of an operation by the Paramilitary Crime Task Force in County Antrim.


cocaine packages

Three men admit £5.5m cocaine conspiracy

Three men have admitted conspiring to smuggle £5.5m worth of cocaine from the UK to Ireland.


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Man charged in cash couriers investigation

A man has been charged with conspiring to launder criminal proceeds, following an investigation by the NCA into a network of cash couriers suspected of removing tens of millions of pounds from the UK.


Wraight and Bannister Custody Images

Operation Venetic: Sentences increased for west London drug dealers

Two criminals who were prepared to inflict violence to protect their illicit business will spend longer in prison.


Seized Cash

Alleged ‘organiser’ for £100m cash mule network arrested by the NCA

A man suspected of being a key figure in an international money laundering network responsible for moving tens of millions of pounds out of the UK has been arrested by the National Crime Agency in London.


Roman Custody Image

Cell bound: Driver jailed for attempting to smuggle £650,000 of cocaine hidden in HGV battery compartment

A lorry driver who attempted to hide 16 kilos of cocaine in the battery area of an HGV has been jailed for seven years.


Krakowczyk and Kloskowicz custody images

Convicted: Polish cousins who hid guns and ammunition in car

Two Polish men have been convicted for attempting to smuggle two handguns and ammunition into the UK.


Image showing cocaine seizure.

Brothers charged over Newhaven cocaine seizure

Two brothers have been arrested and charged by National Crime Agency officers in connection with a seizure of almost 100 kilos of cocaine at Newhaven port in East Sussex two years ago.


drugs removed from fuel tank

Driver jailed for attempting to smuggle £2.5 million of cocaine in fuel tank

A driver who removed his van’s fuel tank to pack it with 32 kilos of cocaine has been jailed for nine years and nine months.


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