COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 (The murder of a Paraguayan 🇵🇾 prosecutor) : link between politics and drug trafficking, exposed

The Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor Marcelo Pecci was killed Tuesday by armed men who arrived aboard a jet ski at the place where he was honeymooning in the Colombian Caribbean. The crime is revealing the transformation of Paraguay to a cocaine producer and the links between the type of politics and drug trafficking.

RFI consulted with analyst Carlos AnĂ­bal Peris, a political scientist who specializes in drug trafficking at the Catholic University of AsunciĂłn, about this crime, which is now under investigation to determine the motive and circumstances of the murder.

-The Pecci prosecutor’s investigation resulted in the mega operation “A Ultranza Py” last month, which led to the resignation of several politicians involved in a criminal structure of international cocaine trafficking. This case sheds light on what you call narcopolitics in Paraguay …

Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, along with his wife Claudia Aguilera

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