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AZERBAÏDJAN 🇦🇿 (Astara customs post) : more than 213 kilograms of heroin were found

As a result of successful operation, customs officers prevented an attempt to smuggle more than 213 kilograms of heroin across the country’s customs border. 

Thus, according to the report received by the Operations and Investigation Department of the Southern Territorial Main Customs Office, a DAF truck with registration plate 07BJ293 / 07ZA294 driven by an Azerbaijani citizen transporting potatoes from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine was detained at the Astara customs post and inspected by the customs officers. 

Although the driver said that the vehicle he was driving did not contain any items to be declared to the customs authorities, including drugs and psychotropic substances, the truck was unloaded because the dog brought by cynological service reacted to the trailer with special signals. A thorough inspection was carried out as the service dog reacted to the load of « fresh potatoes » in 577 bags during the re-inspection. 

As a result, a total of 962 potato-shaped oval packages were found in 119 bags used as « cover goods ». During the inspection, it was found that 213 kg 241 grams of a light brown drug with a specific odor – heroin was pressed in the packages.

An investigation is underway.