UK 🇬🇧 (Canterbury Crown Court) : a truck driver who tried to smuggle almost 100kg of cocaine into the UK has been jailed for 11 years as part of a National Crime Agency investigation

Miodrag Ivankovic, 45, was stopped by Border Force officers on 6 September at the freight controls in Dover after arriving from Calais.Miodrag IVANKOVIC

Officers searched his truck and cut into a suspicious pallet of boxes and white powder spilled out.

Inside the truck was a total of 94kg of cocaine.

Ivankovic’s DNA was on the boxes containing the drugs and he admitted trying to smuggle the Class A.

Ivankovic, from Banja Luka, in north Bosnia, was jailed at Canterbury Crown Court yesterday (29 July).

NCA Branch Commander Martin Grace said: “We and our Border Force partners have taken a significant consignment of cocaine out of the supply chain.

“The organised crime group behind the plot have lost profits they would have ploughed back into more offending and they have lost a trusted smuggler.

“Drugs bring misery to UK communities and the NCA will continue to do everything it can to combat the threat.

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ÉCOSSE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: les décès liés à la drogue atteignent un niveau record pour la septième année consécutive

La première ministre écossaise, Nicola Sturgeon, a précédemment admis que son gouvernement « avait détourné notre attention » des décès liés à la drogue – et elle a promis 250 millions de livres sterling au cours des cinq prochaines années pour aider à lutter contre la crise.

Les décès liés à la drogue en Écosse ont atteint des niveaux record pour la septième année consécutive, avec 1 339 personnes décédées en 2020.

Il s’agit du plus grand nombre de décès liés à la drogue depuis le début des enregistrements en 1996 et du plus grand nombre de personnes décédées des suites de l’abus de drogues en Europe.

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Par James Matthews, correspondant en Écosse @jamesmatthewsky


UK 🇬🇧 (NCA) :les dernières ‘Narconews’ au 25 juillet 2021

The NCA logo appearing on a sign————————————-

A woman from Kent who headed up a crime group that supplied over half a tonne of cocaine and laundered millions of pounds in illicit cash has been jailed for 15 years.


Officers from Project Invigor, the National Crime Agency-led taskforce targeting organised immigration crime, have taken part in an operation which has seen eight members of a major people smuggling network arrested in Greece.


Seven British fugitives have been arrested in Spain in the space of just three weeks as a result of joint operations between the National Crime Agency and the Spanish National Police.


London based property developer Richard Leahy has agreed to hand over assets worth almost £2 million to settle a civil recovery claim based on alleged involvement in cannabis cultivation, money laundering and fraud.


FRANCE 🇫🇷 (Coquelles – Terminal du tunnel sous la Manche) : un Serbe, chauffeur de camion, inculpé en Angleterre suite à la découverte de 40 kilos de cocaïne dans sa remorque

Vladimir Mrdak, 37 ans, qui vit en Serbie, a été arrêté lundi 12 juillet après la découverte de drogues de classe A dans la remorque d’un poids lourd transportant des bouchons de bouteilles et des rouleaux de papier.

La NCA a ouvert une enquête après que des agents des forces frontalières au terminal du tunnel sous la Manche à Coquelles, en France, aient trouvé la cocaïne dans des paquets scotchés placés dans des boîtes au-dessus des marchandises.



UK 🇬🇧 (NCA) : Lorry driver charged following 40 kilo cocaine haul

A Serbian lorry driver has been charged with drug smuggling offences by National Crime Agency officers after cocaine worth £3.2 million was found in a lorry heading to the UK.

Image showing seized cocaine.Vladimir Mrdak, 37, who lives in Serbia, was arrested on Monday (12 July) after the class A drugs were found in the trailer of an HGV carrying a load of bottle tops and paper rolls.

The NCA began an investigation after Border Force officers at the Channel Tunnel terminal in Coquelles, France, found the cocaine in taped packages placed in boxes on top of the goods.

After being questioned, Mrdak was charged with attempting to import cocaine, and following an appearance at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court yesterday (13 July) he was remanded in custody until his next appearance at Canterbury Crown Court on 16 August.

NCA branch commander Martin Grace said:

“This haul of cocaine would have fuelled violence and intimidation had it reached the UK.

“The seizure is a big setback for the criminal network likely to be behind this attempted importation – profits which they will not be able to invest in other criminality.

“Working alongside our law enforcement partners like Border Force, we are determined to disrupt the organised crime groups involved in drug supply and protect the public.”

14 July 2021


UK NCA 🇬🇧 (Drug trafficking) : Three jailed for running ‘industrial’ million pound cannabis farm in Coventry nightclub

Three men have been jailed for running a huge three-floor cannabis farm in an abandoned nightclub in Coventry.

National Crime Agency officers, supported by colleagues from West Midlands Police, raided the property on Trinity Street on 15 October 2020.

They had to smash through several reinforced doors to access the interior, which they found contained around 1500 cannabis plants spread across the building’s three floors. NCA experts value the haul at over £1 million.

As well as the plants officers recovered sophisticated planting, growing and irrigation equipment, valued at around £150,000.

The electricity supply at the property had been bypassed, with the equipment inside directly and illegally connected to the commercial supply from the street outside.

Three men were arrested, Albanian nationals Andi Cani (aged 24) and Adrian Lleshaj (29) and Vietnamese national Cao Van Vu (31).

Cani and Lleshaj attempted to hide on the roof of the building as officers entered, but were captured with the assistance of West Midlands Police drone unit, who were working with the NCA.

In interviews with NCA investigators, all three men admitted having paid people smugglers to assist them in entering the UK illegally.

The trio pleaded guilty to producing a controlled drug and today (29 June) a judge at Warwick Crown Court sentenced Vu to 40 months in prison, Lleshaj to 35 months, and Cani to 28 months.

All three will face deportation after serving their jail terms

NCA Branch Commander Mick Pope said: “These men were involved in producing cannabis on an industrial scale. It is certainly the largest and most sophisticated cannabis factory ever found by the NCA. “They were responsible for maintaining and storing drugs and equipment worth over a million pounds, which shows the wider criminal network behind this operation clearly trusted them. “The takedown of this facility will have had a huge impact on the wider organised crime group, depriving them of potentially millions of pounds in profit, which would have been used to fund further criminality and exploitation.

“Our investigation continues.”

June 29 2021



BENIN 🇧🇯 : interceptan 190 kilos de cocaína que habían pasado por Gran Canaria

Han participado la Guardia Civil, el Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera, el Cuerpo Nacional de Policía y la Agencia Nacional contra el Crimen del Reino Unido.

Las fuerzas de seguridad españolas han interceptado en Benin, con la colaboración de las autoridades de ese país africano, una partida de 190 kilos de cocaína oculta en dos contenedores procedentes de Brasil que habían hecho escala en el puerto de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.



UK 🇬🇧 (NCA) : three arrests in London in connection with half-tonne Australian cocaine haul shipped from Heathrow

Three people have been arrested by the National Crime Agency as part of a major international investigation into the exportation of cocaine from the UK to Australia.

A woman aged 56 and a man aged 32 were detained by NCA officers at an address in Hanwell, west London on Monday 21 June. Meanwhile at the same time a 31-year-old woman was arrested at a location in Hounslow.

All three were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to export class A drugs, fraud and breaches of the Aviation Security Act.

At the address in Hanwell gold bullion thought to be worth in excess of £250,000 was also seized, along with keys to a safety deposit box containing £60,000 in cash.

The trio were questioned and released under investigation the next day.

The arrests followed a seizure of around 500 kilos of cocaine at Sydney Airport on 15 May.

Australian Border Force officers found the drugs concealed in a consignment described as ‘lift and tailgate parts’ which had been shipped from Heathrow using a UK freight agent.

They estimate the drugs would have had a potential street value of around £84 million.

New South Wales Police Force Organised Crime Squad detectives subsequently arrested three people in connection with their investigation into the importation on 18 May.

NCA investigators have been able to identify a number of other similar shipments made from the UK to Australia using a similar method. These are now under investigation.

NCA Branch Commander Andy Noyes said: “Our investigation is looking at a sophisticated network of criminals able to smuggle large quantities of class A drugs across the globe via air freight.

“Some of those involved appeared to have insider knowledge of freight systems which they exploited. Protecting the safety and security of the UK is a priority for us.

“Working through our overseas network with our partners in Australia and at home in the UK we are determined to do all we can to track down those involved, and our investigation will continue.”

Mark Bishop, Head of Asia Pacific region for NCA International, added: “I’m grateful for the continued cooperation and support of Australian Border Force and the New South Wales Police Force on this investigation.

“This partnership is vital to tackle international serious and organised crime affecting both our countries.”

24 June 2021 



UNITED KINGDOM 🇬🇧 (NCA) : five Brits arrested after a tonne of cocaine seized from sailing yacht

Five British men have been arrested after a tonne of cocaine was discovered on a yacht sailing from the Caribbean to Europe.

Image showing seized cocaine from sailing yacht.Three crew members – aged 46, 70 and 29 – were arrested when their vessel SY Windwhisper was interdicted in the mid-Atlantic by the Spanish Customs Service on the 13 June 2021, as part of a joint investigation between the National Crime Agency and the Spanish National Police.

Two other men linked to the vessel – aged 38 and 41 – were also arrested by Spanish officers in the Costa del Sol.

All five have been remanded in custody on drugs trafficking offences.

The arrests are linked to an ongoing investigation into international drug trafficking that has so far resulted in the arrest of a number of individuals in Spain, and the seizure of 1.6 tonnes of hashish, 45,000 Euros and four sailing vessels.

The British head of the OCG – a former Royal Navy officer living in Sottogrande in Southern Spain – was among those previously arrested.

Known to law enforcement agencies for his links to organised crime groups in the UK and Ukraine, officers believe he trained the crew and ran several companies engaged in buying, selling and renting sailing vessels that were subsequently used to conduct drugs transportations.

Dave Hucker, Head of European Operations for NCA International said: “This is a huge haul of cocaine with an estimated street value of more than £80million. I have no doubt the drugs on board were destined for the streets of the UK, so this seizure is a significant result.

“We know that the criminal trade in drugs is driven by financial gain, and the loss of the profit that would have been made from these drugs will have a major impact on the crime groups involved.

“We continue to work with our international law enforcement partners to identify those responsible for supplying class A drugs to the UK, and will do all we can to disrupt their supply chains”.

Over the last 12 months, the NCA has been involved in the seizure, forfeiting or restraining more than £112m and 145 tonnes of drugs globally.

24 June 2021



FRANCE 🇨🇵 (Surv de la Douane – BSI de Saint Aybert) : jackpot à l’ouverture du coffre d’un véhicule

Le 10 juin dernier, les douaniers de Saint-Aybert (Nord) ont mis la main sur plus de 50 kilos de billets de banque, soit presque un million d’euros.

Le véhicule en provenance de Boulogne se rendait au Luxembourg.

Le flair traditionnel des douaniers ou une bonne info

En ouvrant le coffre du véhicule, les gabelous ont découvert les billets en petite coupures disposées dans trois sacs de sport.  Au total 832.735 livres sterling et 3.500 euros.


FRANCE 🇫🇷 : ce que vous n’apprendrez pas en allant au musée de la Douane française à Bordeaux

UK 🇬🇧 NCA (Port of Dover) : a Polish lorry driver has been arrested after 100kgs of cocaine was found in two spare wheels attached to the underside of his lorry

Image showing seized cocaine hidden in lorry tyre.The 37-year old was stopped at the Port of Dover by Border Force officers on the 5th May 2021 after National Crime Agency (NCA) investigators shared intelligence that the lorry may have drugs on board.

Border Force officers conducted a search of the lorry and discovered the drugs.

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BRASIL 🇧🇷 (Porto de Santos) : Receita Federal localiza mais de 350 kg de cocaína em carga de papel como destino final a Grã-Bretanha, mas faria baldeação no Porto de Antuérpia, na Bélgica

A Receita Federal localizou 354,5 kg de cocaína escondidos em um contêiner com carga de papel para exportação. O Fisco relata que a carga de papel tinha como destino final a Grã-Bretanha, mas faria baldeação no Porto de Antuérpia, na Bélgica.



ROYAUME UNI 🇬🇧 (NCA) : les dernières « narconews » du 27 mai 2021

Over £400,000 of suspected criminal cash has been seized in London as part of an Organised Crime Partnership (OCP) investigation into a drug supply network believed to be running their business over the encrypted comms platform EncroChat.


Stephen Taylor Custody image

A man who manufactured and distributed class A drugs from his garage has been jailed for nearly 13 years after an investigation by the new Merseyside Organised Crime Partnership.


Two men caught by National Crime Agency officers handing over cocaine in a Buckinghamshire car park have been jailed for eight and a half years.


A Polish lorry driver has been arrested after 100kgs of cocaine was found in two spare wheels attached to the underside of his lorry.

UK 🇬🇧 (Encrochat) : Drug dealer jailed after sharing a photo of cheese that included his fingerprints

A drug dealer whose fingerprints were analyzed by police when he shared a photo of his hand holding a block of cheese has been sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison.

Carl Stewart, 39, from Liverpool, northwestern England, sent a picture on an encrypted device of a block of Stilton he had found in upmarket British grocery store Marks & Spencer, Merseyside Police said in a press release.

But the photograph was discovered by police, who used it to analyze his fingerprints and identify Stewart.


SPAIN 🇪🇸 (Sottogrande) : Robert Mark Benson was said to use his ‘extensive nautical knowledge’ to transport drugs from Africa

Robert Mark Benson, ex-British Navy submariner, was alleged to have links with criminal gangs in Ukraine and the UK

Spanish police have arrested a British former Navy sailor on suspicion of running a « highly professional » drugs trafficking operation with links across Europe. …

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ÉQUATEUR 🇪🇨 (port de Guayaquil) : saisie de plus de 3 tonnes de cocaïne au départ pour le Royaume Uni 🇬🇧 avec des cargaisons de conserves de thon

Les opérations ‘impacto 376 et 377’ se sont déroulées dans l’un des terminaux maritimes de Guayaquil, dans la province de Guayas.

Lors de l’opération «Impacto 376», les autorités ont localisé 35 sacs de jute contenant 2 035 blocs en forme de brique contenant un total de 2 020 kilos de cocaïne.
Lors de la deuxième opération «Impacto 377», menée dans le secteur de la zone 8 du port de Guayaquil, après inspection d’un conteneur, les policiers ont trouvé 1 345 kilos de cocaïne.

L’Équateur est le second producteur mondial de thon




UK 🇬🇧 (Dover Docks) : Friends on coach trip ‘jolly’ to Belgium tried to smuggle 243 kilos of cocaine into UK

A search by Border Force uncovered the cocaine hidden in a specially constructed wastewater tank on the coach

Two men who tried to smuggle 243 kilos of cocaine into the UK on an empty passenger coach are now facing long prison sentences.

St Helens man Christopher Bullows was driving the coach when it was stopped and searched by Border Force officers at Dover Docks in September last year.

Border Force, who are responsible for UK customs controls, found 243 kilos of cocaine worth around £19.4 million hidden in a specially constructed wastewater tank.

Bullows, 50, of Lord Street, St Helens, told National Crime Agency (NCA) investigators that he had taken the coach to Belgium so that the air conditioning system, which was under warranty there, could be repaired. He said that Tucker was a friend and had come along ‘for the jolly’.

Mark Tucker, 53, of Longshaw Street, Blackburn, said he was a mechanic and had joined Bullows on the trip to check on the repairs.

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UK 🇬🇧 (Enfield – North London) : OCP officers seized 109 kg of cocaine and 15 kg of heroin after raiding an industrial unit

Ten men have been arrested and 124kg of class A drugs recovered in a joint operation between the National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police’s Organised Crime Partnership (OCP).

drug seizureOCP officers seized 109kg of cocaine and 15kg of heroin after raiding an industrial unit in Enfield, North London, yesterday. 

The drugs have a street value of £10,220,000.

The suspects are made up of six Turkish nationals, three Britons and one Italian national.

The 10, who are in their 20s, 30s and 40s, are currently being questioned.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Brookes of the OCP said: “This operation is another great example of partnership working between the Met and NCA, which has resulted in a significant seizure of cocaine and heroin.

“This seizure has stopped dangerous drugs from reaching the streets of London and beyond, where they have the potential to cause great harm to people and communities.

“While these operations are complex and resource intensive, they are vital to disrupt organised criminal networks and to ensure we keep our communities safe.

“We know there is an inextricable link between drugs, violence and organised crime – that is why tackling the importation and supply of drugs is a crucial part of our work to reduce violent crime in London.”

The investigation continues.

28 April 2021



FRANCE 🇨🇵 (OFAST) : la « Darmaniphobie » en question

La lutte anti-drogues cible principalement les consommateurs et tend à automatiser la sanction avec des amendes, « au détriment des mesures sanitaires », selon une note publiée mardi par l’Observatoire français des drogues et toxicomanies.

« En Allemagne, on consacre plus de fonds à lutter contre le trafic qu’à interpeller des usagers »

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En FRANCE, aucune protection pour ceux qui luttent contre le narcotrafic


Malgré le témoignage de Jean Paul Garcia, attaché douanier en poste à Madrid, devant les magistrats espagnols, précisant que l’agent infiltré Marc Fievet serait plus utile dehors qu’incarcéré…Les autorités douanières françaises, au manque d’honneur avéré, l’ont laissé partir pour un périple carcéral de 3888 jours à travers l’ Espagne, l’Angleterre, le Canada et la France.

Explications avec

DOUANE FRANÇAISE (DNRED – Années 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994): qui est donc Marc Fievet qui ne peut « zapper » cette période?




FRANCE 🇫🇷 (Douane – DNRED): l’interview de Marc Fievet, aka NS 55 DNRED

Aviseur International

International informant: Quand, en septembre 2007, un avion appartenant à la CIA s’est écrasé au Mexique et l’on a découvert qu’il transportait plus de 4 tonnes de cocaïne, qu’avez-vous pensé ?

Marc Fievet :
Lorsque j’ai lu cette news, j’ai immédiatement pensé que malgré les années qui passent, les gouvernements et les dirigeants des grands services de renseignements utilisaient toujours les mêmes méthodes pour trouver des fonds.

Comment ne pas se souvenir d’Oliver North du temps de Bush père et d’Air America au Vietnam, pour ne citer que ces deux exemples qui sont tombés dans le domaine public.
Ayant travaillé pour la DEA et ayant pu constaté le manque total d’éthique morale des fonctionnaires que j’ai rencontrés, je ne suis pas étonné de ce type de transport par ces avions occupés à plein temps pour « faciliter » le « travail » de la CIA ou…

Voir l’article original 2 380 mots de plus

EUROPE 🇪🇺 : le marché tant convoité par les narcos de la coke

La carte des routes d’approvisionnement


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