NEDERLAND 🇳🇱: Tons of cocaine found in Rotterdam and Curaçao ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¼

Authorities in Rotterdam discovered 2,100 kilos of cocaine in banana pulp containers on Friday.

The drugs that were found in Rotterdam were discovered in a container from Costa Rica. The company to which the container was likely not involved in the drug. 

That same day, the coast watch in Curaçao found over one thousand kilos of cocaine on a speedboat. Authorities detected the drugs after they received an alert of a speed boat near the coast which they suspected to be smuggling narcotics.

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Les garde-côtes de Curaçao ont intercepté avant-hier un hors-bord avec à son bord douze contrebandiers, 1050 kilos de cocaïne et 275 kilos de marijuana. Des coups de feu ont dû être tirés pour forcer le bateau à s’arrêter.

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