ALBANIA 🇦🇱 (police operation codenamed “Transit”) : Albanian police arrested two suspects after finding some 45 kilograms of cocaine in the Port of Durres, hidden in a consignment of chicken from Brazil

Albanian police on Wednesday seized 45.5 kg of cocaine found in a container in the Port of Durres during a police operation codenamed “Transit”.

The company’s administrator and a customs agent contracted by the company were detained on charges of trafficking in narcotics.

One of the arrested, which the police referred to with the initials E.V. is later confirmed Egert Vargu, the ruling Socialist Party councilor in the Municipality of Tirana acting as a customs agent contracted by the company.

The other detainee was  “A. F., 30, resident in Prishtina, an acting administrator in the company that ordered a shipment of chicken meat in Brazil”, the police said.

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